Roller Shades/Sheerweave Sun Shades

These shades can help keep homes cool in the summer. Roller Shades are woven shades in which the openings in the fabric allow for scenic views while blocking the sun’s harmful rays. Roller Shades come with varying openness levels from 3% up to 14%. The openness factor refers to the ratio of open areas within the shear weave fabric. Sheer weave shades are excellent at providing protection from harmful UV rays while not blocking the view. The lower the number, the tighter the weave. Roll-up window shades offer excellent to superior UV ratings when closed.

Designer roller shades feature the finest decorative fabrics and solar screens ranging from natural textures and solid to modem designs and colorways.
Available with continuous cord loop, cordless or RTS motorization featuring Rollease and Simplicity motors with rechargeable lithium batteries.

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